Board of Directors


Below are the members of the board of directors of Targa Resources GP LLC (the "General Partner of TRP"), which is the general partner of Targa Resources Partners LP ("TRP"). The General Partner of TRP, which is a subsidiary of Targa Resources Corp. ("TRC"), manages the business and affairs of TRP.
  Audit Committee Risk Management Committee
   Rene R. Joyce   Member of Risk Management Committee (NGLS)
   Michael A. Heim    
   James W. Whalen   Member of Risk Management Committee (NGLS)
   Joe Bob Perkins    
   Charles Crisp    
   Robert B. Evans   Committee Chair for Risk Management Committee (NGLS)

Robert B. Evans has served as a director of the Company since March 1, 2016 and of the General Partner since February 2007. Mr. Evans is also a director of New Jersey Resources Corporation, Sprague Resources GP LLC and One Gas, Inc. Mr. Evans was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Duke Energy Americas, a business unit of Duke Energy Corp., from January 2004 until his retirement in March 2006. Mr. Evans served as the transition executive for Energy Services, a business unit of Duke Energy, during 2003. Mr. Evans also served as President of Duke Energy Gas Transmission beginning in 1998 and was named President and Chief Executive Officer in 2002. Prior to his employment at Duke Energy, Mr. Evans served as Vice President of marketing and regulatory affairs for Texas Eastern Transmission and Algonquin Gas Transmission from 1996 to 1998. Mr. Evans’ extensive experience in the gas transmission and energy services sectors enhances the knowledge of the board in these areas of the oil and gas industry. As a former President and CEO of various operating companies, his breadth of executive experiences is applicable to many of the matters routinely facing the Partnership.


   Laura Fulton Member of Audit Committee (NGLS)  
   Chris Tong Committee Chair for Audit Committee (NGLS)  
   Ershel C. Redd, Jr. Member of Audit Committee (NGLS)  
   Waters Davis    

Committee Member Member
Committee Chair Chair